ANGEL OF CHRIST NUMBER 222 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 2:22 It’s Time to Build your Faith

ANGEL NUMBER 222 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 2:22 It’s Time to Build your Faith

Angel Number 222 crosses the sky to send you an important message. The time has come for you to learn to trust and rest in God. You may have already heard this divine command, but putting it into practice involves a lot of skill and repetition, and we will be at your side to help you with this important aspect that needs to be developed in your divine being.

Spirit living an experience in the flesh, where did you come from? Where are you going? And in the meantime, while you live and experience the nuances of life on earth? Have you ever wondered about this? Have you studied it? The time has come for you to leave life without answers to live a life of inner strength and trust in your creator, based on real experiences that we will involve you in and invite you to taste. Don’t see proof as something bad, but rather as something you experience that reforms what you believe. It’s like a builder who enters a house and identifies the points that need to be improved. The more perfect the current situation, the smaller the work, the smaller the trials, but the more imperfect, the greater the work to be done. Wake up, you who sleep, and the test often comes as an awakener to your divine personality.

Fear not, we will always be with you. We will teach you to listen to our voice, especially in difficult times. Everything new generates fear and difficulty, and that’s okay. We know that the more you live the experiences we are offering you, the greater your ability to overcome them will be. Trust that everything that happens in your life has a reason and a higher purpose of expanding your awareness of who you are and what you are capable of achieving. Everything is for your good, even what seems bad is often the bitter medicine that will heal you, that will make you think differently, feel differently and even act differently. Action in line with God’s guidance generates joy, peace and enthusiasm; action contrary to God’s laws generates anxiety, anguish, doubts and depression.

The time has come to hold on to our hands and let ourselves be guided, to surrender, to allow situations to happen and to pause in silence to reflect on what life is trying to teach you, what needs to be adjusted in your conduct and feelings, how you should be proceeding.

Your divine being, your pure spirit wants to manifest, this is the new era where thousands are being called to live this reality, and the ability to trust and listen to divine guidance is an important aspect to be conquered with practice and dedication. Number 2 represents the second step in the ascent towards the fullness of your soul. Practice, surrender, trust, love, learn, change and follow.

We are by your side. Our voice is soft, all you have to do is stop, breathe and call us, and we’ll come like a gentle breeze to cool your days.

Keep going, we need you! God has a plan for your life. Learn to follow us and everything will become clearer with time.

Love and peace

Your angel friend

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