ANGEL NUMBER 333 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 3:33 The Divine Triangle

The phalanxes of heaven are organizing themselves right now so that you can receive the message you’ve been looking for. The time has come for you to discover that you have three fundamental aspects that make up the divine chord of your being.

The physical body, your temple, your instrument, through which all actions, reactions and phenomena occur, where they are felt and transmitted. It is important that this aspect is balanced and consciously controlled.

Your mind, the second divine aspect, controls all your actions, feelings and perceptions of reality. You need to reprogram the way you think, analyze and experience life; you need to seek the truth, study it, analyze it, discern it and memorize it. Your mind is the control box of your being, it is through it that all inner and outer changes take place, it is in it that the principle of choices and decisions lies, free will. It is extremely important to know and develop your awareness of this fundamental aspect

Spirit, divine spark, inner god, soul, divine spirit, human spirit, all names that represent the same thing, the inner divine being that emanates life into your whole being, your third fundamental aspect. It is through it that you will be guided to what you were really born to accomplish, experience and develop while alive on earth. This is where all the memories from your birth and other existences are, believe it or not, everything is recorded, every thought, every feeling, every act, good or bad, every wish, prayer, every help promoted, everything is recorded in this very important aspect of your being. It’s time to deepen your knowledge and dedicate your intelligence to mastering this fundamental aspect theoretically and experientially.

It will become your inner guide, and through intuition, which is an impulse that emanates directly from your inner guide, you will begin to tread paths different from those you have been taught, from those that the unconscious majority has established as the right path. Stop being a blind man led by the blind, and learn to see the invisible through this inner guide, which becomes strong and clear when you put yourself in a position of study, submission to God, dedication to your personal improvement and intimate reform of thoughts, feelings and actions. All for the sake of becoming who God dreamed you would become, a perfect instrument for bringing healing and liberation to as many people as you can,

Start, and know that little by little, change by change, study by study, practice by practice, you will become a better, more connected person, with your inner windows open, allowing the divine sun that exists within you to manifest in a powerful, silent, serene and peaceful way.

Angel 333 represents your divine triangle, consisting of your physical body, mind and divine spirit. Discover and develop these 3 divine aspects of your being and see your life change completely. Angel 333 is the code of spiritual and human development that now invites you to progress! No more suffering for lack of knowledge, it’s time to take off the cloak of ignorance that weighs down your life and those you love, and allow the light of awareness to shine through. This is the path, this is your soul’s mission, and the talents that emerge from this process will make up the range of abilities for you to manifest your divine purpose.

But remember, only those who are trained can be used by God and higher spirituality as instruments in this new era. Theoretical knowledge combined with diligent practice – that’s the recipe for achieving true success in this life. Go on in peace knowing that you are loved and cared for

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