ANGEL NUMBER 11:11 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 11:11 Spiritual Awakening

What a beautiful opportunity is opening up before you at this magical and unique moment for the evolution of your soul. Wake up, wake up, you who sleep. The most awaited moment of your life has arrived, the moment for you to discover that you have an inner god full of abilities and gifts for all of humanity.

I know you’ve already experienced the world intensely, and that’s fine. But now the number 11:11 comes to your attention like a shooting star that cuts through the dark sky at dawn in the desert of life. There are two ways of living on this planet called universe, one is the way you are living, without spiritual connection, fatigued, overwhelmed by desires and chores. The other is the way God planned for you to live one day, connected to divine principles, with spiritual, mental and emotional wisdom, taking care of your physical temple where all these secret aspects of your being come together in a beautiful dance of synchronicities, challenges, learning and joy.

The number 11:11 can be seen as 2 doors opening in front of you. The one on the left is the one that is being opened daily and automatically, life without awareness, action without thought, choosing without having anything to base it on and the consequent unsatisfactory results. Often walking without knowing where to go, lack of clarity, lack of purpose.

The door on the right, on the other hand, is the divine door, the one that presents you with a new path, a path that awakens your human and spiritual qualities, which, if well developed, always with the help of the one who is at your side, your angel friend, will make you explode with joy and work for a better world, in whatever area. With love, everything grows, everything bears fruit, everything prospers, everything is abundant and everything overflows.

You now need to study what the law of love is, learn how to apply it in your day and experience its benefits for yourself. It won’t be easy and it never has been, but we will always be by your side to help you on this climb into yourself. The time has come for you to get to know yourself, to face your fears and learn to conquer them with the faith that is trust in yourself, but above all in the One who gave you the opportunity of life.

A precious, unique, wonderful life. Do you feel that way? Without diving inside and studying the main aspects that make you human, you’re unlikely to experience anything lasting beyond daily worries, incessant desires and scarce moments of true joy.

You were created to live up to your full human potential and we are at your side to make it happen. The opportunity is being given, angel number 11:11 is your invitation, your call, your passport, your entry to a new world, an upgrade to a new being with new ideas and desires. Do you accept? Do you really want to experience what true happiness is?

This is the moment to close your eyes and say yes to God and the universe. This is the moment to ask for more guidance, more support, to ask to be guided by this force of love that surrounds you and makes every fiber of your being vibrate.

I AM real, I AM alive, I AM what you really need. I AM what I AM and you will get to know me better every day, every cycle, until you never again doubt how much I love you, how long I have waited for this moment, how patient I have been waiting for your ears to hear me.

Jesus, with the authority of God, sends us the angels into the world to gather the souls who are ready to live out his call. A call of peace, piety, charity, unity, wisdom, respect for others, diligent action, learning and a vision of the future. The future of the human race depends on what you do today. The universe invites us to progress, and angel number 1111 is your invitation to enter this new world that is being born in the midst of so many difficulties. Have faith, we’ll always be by your side, and you’ll be sure of that as time goes by and you read the next messages.

God bless you and keep you, today and until eternity

With love, your angel friend

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