ANGEL OF CHRIST NUMBER 999 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 999 It’s Time – Spiritual Purpose

ANGEL NUMBER 999 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 999 It’s Time for the Revelation of your Spiritual Life Purpose with Jesus

Angel Number 999 is a powerful message from those sent by Jesus. The time has come for you to spread the inner wisdom you have acquired along your journey, the time has come for you to serve God by bringing help to people who are in need, whether spiritual or physical.

You need to activate your missionary spirit, your dedication to others and your desire to serve God and your suffering brothers and sisters.

Remember that your life is your workshop, your personal relationships, your internal challenges, your daily battles, your victories and defeats are like musical notes in the melody of your life. Pass it on, share it, let this water treated with Christian love flow so that others in similar situations can be refreshed.

When you receive Angel Number 999, be sure that you have been called by God to this moment of regeneration that the Earth is undergoing. You have overcome challenges and difficulties and are now able to share what you have learned. Know that perfection in this world is almost impossible, but remember that your willingness to serve is already great fuel for your own advancement. You need to learn in order to serve, combining your need for redemption with the redemptive service offered by Christ.

By serving others, you will gradually pay off your spiritual, emotional and human debts, which you have acquired up to this point and throughout your many journeys on earth. Angel 999 sends you this powerful message, telling you that it’s time to dedicate your life to self-improvement and to guiding those who know less than you.

Remember that Jesus didn’t wait for men to attain his magnificent glories; on the contrary, he descended to the plane of men to love, teach and serve. He didn’t demand that people immediately become like him, but made himself like them, to help them make the difficult climb.

Whether you develop Christian mediumship or the ability to share and teach, both paths will boost your evolution, while dispelling past burdens, making you feel lighter and more confident, with active faith and full peace.

The earth is a great workshop for redemptive work. Let’s prepare ourselves for efficient and indispensable cooperation, forget the mistakes of the past and remember our fundamental obligations.

And beware, the general cause of mediumistic disasters is the absence of a sense of responsibility, and forgetting the duty to be fulfilled.

We need to remember the commitments we made before we came to earth, we need to lift the veil of forgetfulness through diligent study and mediumistic practice along with Christianity. It is necessary to educate oneself spiritually in order to serve fully

Anyone who aspires to hoard the values of their own inner emancipation, ahead of the Universe and Life, must and needs study. Mediums must become masters of the art of feeling, and indoctrinators must become masters of the art of transmitting. One refers to the mastery of the inner world, the other to the possibility of becoming the link and transmission of this knowledge to the outside world.

Understand, Spiritism is divine revelation for the fundamental renewal of mankind. We still don’t understand how indispensable this beautiful doctrine is for building the Kingdom of God within us. And no one should expect to rise spiritually without effort, sweat or tears.

In this ministry, we need willing servants.

Study this important message, and go in peace

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