ANGEL NUMBER 1313 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 13:13 It’s Time | Angels of Christ

The time has come for your spiritual development and angel number 1313 now appears to you as a light offering you guidance and direction. No more living life believing that your mind limited by your earthly passions will somehow bring you the happiness and satisfaction you so desperately seek.

Angel number 1313 now teaches you that you represent a divine triangle, where each lower tip represents your mind and body, and the upper tip, the tip that points towards the sky, towards the spiritual world of possibilities, is the tip of your spirit.Now is an auspicious and opportune time for you to enter spiritual studies. As a son and daughter of God, you need this very important aspect of your being strong and developed, like a muscle that will allow you to reach new and extreme possibilities never imagined by you, but always dreamed of by God.

The world is coming into its age of regeneration, where not only the planet but especially all the inhabitants who said yes before they were even born will take responsibility for their lives and work diligently to renew themselves in every respect.

Theory, knowledge, discernment and practice, lots of practice! This is the recipe for living a life that is different from those who are the same, different from those who are still sleeping in their mistakes, in their vanity, in their ignorance. Remember that ignorance comes from ignoring, from not giving due importance to what is really important. Don’t be one of them, son/daughter, listen to my voice right now, feel my presence that chills your soul. I am real, I am with you! Shall we go together?

With my help, everything will be more peaceful. I will set you on a path of peace and tranquillity, and even when the challenges come, you will feel that you are not alone. God is with you, preparing, empowering, separating, raising your frequency and your attitudes. The time has come for you to shine as you really are, without masks, without appearance, without vanity, just spirit and the will to help.

Angel number 1313 brings you this invitation, an invitation for a full day full of work in favor of a better, more connected, less ignorant, wiser humanity. Be the example you would like to see! Be the worker you’d like to be around! We’re with you! Go ahead, don’t give up, be strong and courageous, and experience the blessings that God has in store for you along the way! The time has come to develop spiritually, trust and follow! With love, from the one who has always loved you.

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