Angel Number 444 comes towards you like a river of subtle blessings and energies that heal, calm and raise your consciousness about the current moment. No more crying, it’s time to lean on us, the friendly angels, and continue on the path of your happiness and personal fulfillment. There’s no more time for daydreaming, now is the time for introspection, contact with God and spiritual progress.

Many are called, but few listen to the voice of God who is now asking you to change your attitude and get closer to the angels. We, your spiritual benefactors, have been by your side since the beginning of your earthly journey. We know your plan for this life, we know the challenges you have set out to face and we know the plan that will lead you to fulfillment and success.

Remember, in this new era all values are being updated. Inner peace will be the new success, happiness the new profit, health the new wealth, and kindness united with charity the new legacy. Don’t be left behind, don’t be disoriented, seek to strengthen your ability to connect with God and feel his renewing love. Silence and pray so that we can draw closer to you, and thus transmit all our wisdom and divine peace.

Angel Number 444 represents the fourth dimension, the dimension of spirits. Little by little, human beings are becoming capable and aware of this very fundamental aspect, the divine aspect that lies within them, full of abilities and talents. Learn about them, learn to use them, and you’ll see your life gushing with joy like a fountain of living water.

It’s time to work! But how difficult it is for those who try to walk a path they know little or nothing about. Seek our guidance, ask out loud, go to places where people gather in my Name, and everything will gradually clear up, just like the sun rising in the morning.

Angel Number 444 represents the entire spiritual fraternity that supports humanity on this journey of progress and regeneration of its habits, mind, knowledge and actions. The time has come to change, the time has come to improve. Personal improvement will be the religion of this new era, and doing good to oneself and to one’s neighbor will be the new commandment.

We have loved and supported you since before your birth, and we will be with you until the end of this journey. Together we will achieve spiritual, mental and physical success! Ask for our help and place yourself in a position of silence and submission to receive it, God loves you and protects you, today and always. Go in peace, from your guardian angel and faithful friend, with love.

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