ANGEL NUMBER 666 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 666 Physical and Financial Balance

These are the words that come in the name of the Lord: Open your mind, renew your heart! The Age of Truth has arrived, where there will no longer be room for lies, illusions and ignorance. No more following blind guides, it’s time to unite with the angels in spirit and will, and walk a new path of renewal and understanding.

Angel Number 666 comes to meet you now, clothed in power and glory, to dispel the fear and illusion that has been created around this number. Everything created by God is good and useful, even if God’s antagonists try to impose contrary meanings on it, it will never persist.

Angel number 666 is the angel of material provision. Ask yourself, what would life be like without money? What would it be like to have to grow your own food, what would it be like to have to produce your own clothes? What would it be like to have to build your own car and everything you need? We’d be back to ancient times, totally opposed to progress! Stop mystifying God’s holy things, the time has come for you to understand the true spiritual meaning of the number 666. Study it, understand it, memorize it and never forget it.

Angel number 666 is the number that sends you the message that you need to balance the spiritual and material aspects of your life. As the master Jesus said when questioned by malicious people, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s”. Money is fundamental in this day and age and in today’s society, you need resources to achieve a satisfactory life, and that’s not a bad thing. The bad thing is when you lack the basics due to personal negligence or when unbridled abundance leads you to forget your spiritual aspects. Everything in balance, that’s the divine secret.

Seek your intellectual progress, seek to develop your professional qualities, seek to be the best you can be, seek to produce and impact people positively with your technical qualities, and do your utmost to provide for your own, but at the end of the day, in the silence of your room, get down on your knees and acknowledge the one who gave you the gift of life, the one who gave you the strength to overcome challenges, the one who, even if you didn’t imagine it, supported you through your studies, college, jobs and opportunities. He, the God of love, has always been with you and is still with you.

If you’ve ever been in need or experienced times of scarcity and loss, know that it was for your own development. Listen to the treasure I have to tell you now: Financial difficulties have the function of making you more sensitive to the pain of those who really are in basic need; they were offered to you as experiences so that you would become sensitized and understand that there are many brothers and sisters who are very much in need of the basics.

God has enabled you to become his arms, his will, his ability to help others. Don’t wait for governments and promises, do your part knowing that the owner of this universe supports you in everything you do, if the meaning is love for your neighbor and Help for those in need. And remember what is written in the words of wisdom, “He who gives to the poor lends to God, who will repay him with interest that is very generous”

Remember the divine material triangle, Charity, generosity and piety. These are the spiritual diamonds to be found amidst the mud of financial difficulties. These are the diamonds that God wants to set in the crown of your salvation. Charity, generosity and mercy towards those who suffer, never forget that. Now when you see the number 666, that will be the new meaning.

Now go, reflect on these truths and understand that material resources, when in the hands of a person prepared by God, spiritually mature, can become a very important tool for the progress of many souls, including yourself. Seek our wisdom, ask, cry out, and feel the divine spirit visit you from time to time, transmitting the truths that will liberate you and raise your level of consciousness. No more meaningless religiosity, it’s time to work, materially, but above all spiritually. Developing your spiritual aspects will automatically put your material pursuits and cravings in their proper place, like on a scale. The more spiritual, the less material, but always conscious and attentive to daily and financial commitments.

Go in peace, knowing that the truths now distributed in these texts, like a meteor shower, will strike the minds of God’s children to finally awaken them and invite them to true spiritual progress, together with the Holy Spirit. It’s important to congregate, but the most important thing is this relationship that begins now, you knowing that we are alive, and by your side. Feel my presence now, feel invaded by this love and this peace, and remember, there is only one name under heaven who can help you in this difficult phase that our humanity is going through.

Go in peace, go in love

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