ANGEL NUMBER 888 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 888 It’s Time to Learn the Divine Laws of this Life

Angel Number 888 is a special message that comes from high spiritual places, towards your mind and attention, inviting you once again to think outside the boundaries of what the world and today’s society have as a standard and model.

The time has come for you to know the truth about all things, and the truth will free you from the bonds of illusions. You will face many challenges in this world of trials and difficulties, but take heart, because we are by your side at all times. Seek silence, practice edifying reading, add moments for introspection, silence and meditation to your routine. Create space in your mind, appreciate the present moment, which is unique and full of possibilities, and feel our presence, which calms, reassures and even thrills. Life is beautiful to live, but without spiritual knowledge it becomes difficult, hard and often seemingly unfair.

Everything has a purpose in God’s eyes, and we want you to know each one of them. The time has come for you to leave your comfort zone of what you know and are familiar with and dive into the spiritual possibilities and knowledge that we are presenting to you. Study the law of cause and effect, also known as the law of sowing, of action and reaction. This divine law will show you all the reasons for the events in your life, and will make you understand that you are the protagonist of your story with every thought, feeling and action you decide to take, thus putting an end to the victimhood that keeps you stagnant and inactive in many aspects of your life.

Also study about the spiritual world, how life after life happens, or rather, life before life. We were already alive before we got this beautiful body that started out as a baby and is now you. Before coming to earth and putting on this body of flesh, you prepared yourself, studied, organized the challenges and duties to which you were going to commit while alive on earth, and by fulfilling them you will receive the reward of true happiness and inner peace.

No more stagnation, no more closing yourself off to the new, the most important moment of creation has arrived, where the children of God will be revealed to the world in power and in truth, after all, truth is power, it is a creative force, it is a force that liberates consciences. When you speak the truth, unimaginable doors open in you and in everyone around you. With the truth by your side, you will become an enlightener.

Also study the divine law of Christian love, which exemplifies attitudes that you need to add to your personality. Compassion, altruism, benevolence, moral patience, generosity, moral charity, material charity, piety, mediumship, devotion, serious study, diligent work for others, forgiveness of others’ and your own mistakes – these are all actions, divine forces of inner and outer healing, human aspects and qualities that need to be studied, understood, memorized and lived through real actions.

The study of spiritual truths will promote your self-improvement, because only truth has the power to activate your divine spirit and the will to improve yourself.

888 is the number of the cycles that come and go, knowing that everything comes in its own time, whether good or bad. Our actions are seeds, and today’s seed will become tomorrow’s fruit. This is the divine law of action and reaction. The greater is your awareness in the present, the better your choices will be, and the more pleasant your inner and outer feelings and results will be. Now, the lower your awareness, the more you remain impervious to higher truths, the worse your choices will be, and the more unpleasant your feelings about life and your results in general will be. It all depends on you and how you decide to lead your life. Do you want to learn how to live, or do you want to live without learning?

You’ve been given the invitation and it’s up to you to decide and, above all, to act. We are by your side and always will be, no matter what you do, our love never tires, never gives up, never wants to see you suffer or fail. We will never give up, because this is God’s love, tireless in wanting you close and connected. We love you son, we love you daughter. Shall we go together? Do you want to know all the Divine laws? Use God’s gift, the now, and decide to take new paths, enter into spiritual studies and finally remember your mission here on earth. God is counting on you, on your unique talents and abilities. Come and study and let us prepare you. Actions for the good will bring you positive results in the future, and you will see how good, pleasant and perfect it is to carry out God’s will on earth.

Go in peace

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