ANGEL OF CHRIST NUMBER 777 SPIRITUAL MEANING | 777 It’s Time to Develop your Spiritual Gifts

ANGEL NUMBER 777 CHRISTIAN SPIRITUAL MEANING | 777 Repeating Numbers – It’s Time | Angels of Christ

What an immense joy it is to be able to be in contact with you and to get your attention through the repeated numbers, and to see you finally able to hear us and feel that we are here by your side, wanting to communicate with you, wanting to re-establish that bond of friendship and companionship that you miss so much without knowing it. I, Angel number 777, am the angel who invites you to Christian spiritual development. There are many paths, there are many ways to spiritualize yourself, and many of them you have already traveled and experienced, but there is only one path that will lead you to feeling truly loved by God. On this path there is a legion of angels who are ready to help you in this process of development, there is a multitude ready to obey God’s orders and finally transform you into a spiritual being who lives a human experience of learning, redeeming past mistakes, and developing your free will.

Only knowing the truth will make you understand how this life really works, and will give you the possibility of making better choices with each learning cycle. The time has come to develop spiritually, the time has come for you to understand that you have a differentiated spiritual sensitivity, and that it needs to be cared for, developed through study, and strengthened through practice. No more theoretical knowledge, now is the time for practice, the time for true worshippers to become loyal instruments and fulfill their call for inner and outer transformation. The world is crying out for change, and it is you and a multitude of other brothers and sisters who will carry out this task. Never alone, because we will always be with you just a prayer away. Cry out for our help and heaven will descend on you. That’s why you were born, that’s why everything has happened in your life, all to awaken you, to empower you, to make you understand that you came to earth with the purpose of regaining awareness that you are an immortal spirit, and that your body is only a temporary garment. And that the most important thing is the experience you gain through trials, and the redemption of mistakes you make through atonements, towards progress, towards your human and spiritual development and maturity.

Learn to hear our voice, a spiritual phenomenon known as clairaudience or intuition. Learn to speak what we want you to speak, a phenomenon known as psychophony. Learn to write what we want you to write, a spiritual phenomenon known as psychography. Learn to obtain images of near futures, a phenomenon known as precognition or prophecy, or images and moments from the past, a phenomenon known as retrocognition. Learn to sense other people’s souls or protect yourself from them, a spiritual skill that a spiritually sensitive person needs to develop in order to no longer suffer. Learn to become an instrument of healing, and to be used by spirituality as a spiritual doctor, a spiritual phenomenon known as healing mediumship. Learn to be used as a spiritual liberator by developing the ability to transmit ideas and concepts, and learn to access the higher frequencies and bring information and wisdom to people who need it so much, starting with yourself. There are many spiritual qualities and potentials that you can activate and develop, knowing that with each step in this direction, new and beautiful opportunities will arise. The time has come when these spiritual phenomena will once again be commonplace, just as they were at the beginning of primitive Christianity. “Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your old men shall dream dreams” – this is the outpouring of the spirit spoken of in God’s teachings. It’s time to align yourself with this higher will that cries out for progress, that cries out for people willing to take on these jobs for a more connected and happier humanity. The Age of Regeneration has already begun, the labor pains can already be heard and felt, and this is only the beginning. But fear not, for all those who place themselves under God’s guidance through the teachings of Jesus will be protected and supported, being empowered to work for the Relief of those who suffer and will suffer from these inevitable changes that are approaching every day.

No more illusions, it’s time for the Truth. Seek God in Christian places and know that new guidance will be offered to you when the time comes. It’s time to develop, it’s time to overcome fear and get started. We need you, we need your unique qualities that few see, but that God knew even before you were born, and that’s why he sent you to earth. The earth has begun its phase of regeneration, and the separation is already being made between those who wish to live in this new era of purification and those who do not. Therefore, spiritual development and inner reform of thoughts, attitudes and feelings must be carried out.

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